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Announcing Microsoft Viva Sales public preview: The future of work for salespeople

Sellers are busy people, and relationships are key, yet on average, sellers spend more time on administrative tasks than they do selling. Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of Microsoft Viva Sales, a new app designed for sellers that gives them time back so they can focus on what matters most — building solid relationships and closing deals.


Though sellers stay connected with their customers using Outlook and teams, they still need to manually log interactions and essential business data into their CRM systems so their organizations can track deals and project revenues. All this manual data entry frustrates sellers, wastes time, dampens team morale, and decreases employee satisfaction. Furthermore, because data is siloed across multiple systems, sellers don’t have a unified view of customer interactions and deals.

Building a values-based team culture

Delta Insights is focused on building a strong team culture with key core values for its customers amidst growing demand for cloud migration services.


Following a win in the Start-up Innovation (Sector) category in the Reseller News 2021 Innovation Awards, director Dalia Raphael spoke with Reseller News to share the Auckland-based boutique consultancy’s strategy for meeting increased customer demand. 

A Hundred Stories, One Voice: Autism New Zealand’s Digital Journey

Supporting and advocating for autistic New Zealanders and their whānau is an incredibly important mission – but one that needs real co-ordination. Autism New Zealand turned to technology to envision a single point of truth with every client interaction housed in one place, enabling them to know their clients better, generate insights that could improve services and responsiveness, and empower them to be stronger advocates for neurodiverse communities. And with Delta Insights’ powerful (but simple) solution based on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, it’s doing more for the autistic and autism community than ever before.

Reseller News 2022

The Resellers News Woman in ICT Award was held on the 11th May 2022, with 350 attendees, hosted at Cordis in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our very own Dalia Raphael, Managing Director of Delta Insights, was one of the judges, selected by an executive panel of more than 70 industry leaders. 18 winners were selected across 8 categories and 2 highly commended acknowledgements. Being a previous recipient of the award in 2020, Dalia was inspired by the level of talent and innovation at this year’s event and looks forward to a very bright future for women leaders in the ICT space. At the Delta Insights family, we want to congratulate all the winners and participants of WIICTA 2022. And look forward to the emerging future talent of females in this sector.

Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA)

Nishant Rana

Nishant Rana is a multi-talented, Dynamic CRM aficionado! Nishant has been working as a subject matter expert in Dynamics CRM since its 3.0 version.  Follow his blog for more up-to-date articles and helpful hints, by clicking the link below:

What your hands can teach you

Dalia Raphael Founder and Director at Delta Insights I Winner of RN WIICT – Entrepreneur Award 2020

Leadership is about bringing out the best of a diverse team.

A popular Middle Eastern saying is “The fingers on your hand are all different”. While this is a loosely translated version, the essence of the saying is intended to convey that, although the fingers on your hand are all different, they work together to achieve the same goal., whether this is to grip a paintbrush and produce a piece of art, or to gently cradle a baby and help sooth it to sleep. This concept can be applied to managing a team that consists of diverse individuals, who, through leadership, bring out their best and work together to reach team’s goals.   

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The top three myths of the transformation journey

Dalia Raphael Founder and Director at Delta Insights I Winner of RN WIICT – Entrepreneur Award 2020

Digital transformation is much more than the latest business buzzword. It’s delivering real and measurable results for businesses that plan their journey and execute it carefully.

Whether you’ve yet to start your digital transformation journey or you’re already some way down the track, it’s important to be aware of three key transformation myths that can hold your business back.


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Push versus pull leadership

I recently read an article: Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions that made me reflect on my own experience with leadership in the workplace and how it often faces challenges. As it is an ever-changing and extremely important part of the success and efficiency of any company.

I’ve found that within each dynamic, there will always be tension between the traditional way of doing things and the emerging way of doing things. By managing these tensions effectively, allowed me to, not only be more successful but also attract and retain talent.

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Article by: Dalia Raphael-Founder and Director at Delta Insights / Winner of RN WIICT – Entrepreneur Award 2020

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