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Why choose Delta Insights as your CRM partner of choice?

At Delta Insights we have a proven track record working with, and successfully implementing MS Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions.  As trusted partners and leaders, we assist businesses across a range of industries, taking them through their digital transformation and modernization journey, into the digital age with the latest information.


Helping you gain the competitor’s edge over your rivals, by delivering a powerful Dynamics 365 CRM platform.  Enabling you to build and maintain strong and satisfying relationships with your customers and always be one step ahead in anticipating and addressing your customer’s needs.  Your Sales and Marketing team have a powerful tool, giving them the head start needed to stay ahead of the curve and have an inside scoop on how to attract and retain happy and devoted customers. 


With a consultative approach, we work with our clients to achieve Gold Standard outcomes. We live and breathe Microsoft, we are experts in Dynamics 365 and have significant experience in successfully implementing a wide range of Dynamics 365 projects across a multitude of sectors.  Our wealth of experience provides us with the ability to understand the vision and challenges that come with them.


We have the capability to support any size business the right way, and over 40 years experience  working with business partners of varied sizes. Being a boutique partner allows us to be flexible and agile enough to seamlessly integrate with your team, to deliver the best outcome for your customers. A critical part of our engagement is to establish a long-term relationship, to guide you along your digital transformation journey.


Partnering with you for the long term, ensuring you achieve your goals and assisting with your future roadmaps in order to get the best out of any new emerging technologies.

We have designed and delivered solutions for customers in half a dozen industry verticals across Public and Private sectors including, but not limited to the Health Sector, Aged Care, Manufacturing and Distribution.


In science and maths, the “DELTA” means “change” or “difference”, and our mission is to make a positive difference in your customers’ experience. Let us be your lifetime partner. Empowering your business to offer a first-class client experience, making your customers a lifetime partner. 

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Does your business need a CRM Solution?

With the correct CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, you’ll be able to design tailored purchasing experiences for both customers and prospects, while also providing your sales and marketing teams with timely insights and reports that prompt them to act at the perfect time to achieve success.

A fantastic CRM is your best buddy if you’re serious about streamlining the customer engagement process in a potent, automated, and informative way—resulting in a bigger, more lucrative sales pipeline!

Forget the guess work and forecast accurately

By sorting, cleaning, and analysing data, a great CRM will set you up for sales success. It will then offer insights on where your best prospects are, shifts in consumer behaviour, and data that will enable you to confidently estimate sales.

Sync Sales & Marketing

The holy grail is to successfully synchronise the sales and marketing functions. With the right CRM, insightful data can freely flow between the members of these frequently divided teams, providing Sales with the most recent information on which prospects are exhibiting buying signals and illuminating Marketing’s activities and engagements that are producing leads of a sufficient calibre for the sales pipeline.

Personalised engagements are created automatically

Your CRM may create automatic outreaches that are tailored to your contacts’ needs by gathering information on their purchasing habits, website visits, and degrees of social media and email participation.

Happy customer = Loyal customer

Get that feeling of fulfilment. The ability for both Marketing and Sales to engage in deeply value-adding interactions that give customers the impression they are understood and being met where it matters to them is made possible by having a single view of your contacts, including their online behaviour, email and phone interactions, and buying history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM software?
Customer relationship management is known as CRM. So the name is essentially self-explanatory, which is a change in the world of technology! To further complicate matters, CRM and customer engagement (CE) are terms that are frequently used interchangeably.

All of your client data is stored in a CRM solution, which also gives you insights into their behaviour, needs, and wishes. You may monitor and enhance your sales, support, and marketing relationships with both current and potential clients using this data. As a result, there was an improvement in profitability, shorter sales cycles, and more engagement and satisfaction. When you segment and share data with a marketing automation platform, you may increase the CRM’s commercial worth even more.

Relationships become more personal, constructive, and fruitful as a result of the CRM’s ability to record every point of interaction with specific clients. Support is made simpler because your account manager or help desk can easily access records of any prior contacts. And as we all know, responsive customer service and support are the main pillars of long-term client retention. It is simpler to maintain a sales funnel and close deals. Your sales staff won’t ever again miss an opportunity to upsell, cross sell, or renew thanks to accurate real-time data at their disposal.

The best part is that a CRM lets you put an end to the dangerous and disorganised days of keeping your priceless client data in spreadsheets or Outlook. Your lead, prospect, and customer data is secure and centralised in one location rather than on the laptop of a salesperson.
What type of businesses need a CRM?

A CRM is necessary for any company or organisation that comprehends the worth of a customer. A CRM can assist you in managing the lifetime of your “customers,” whether they are final consumers, online shoppers, students, patients, trainees, subscribers, ratepayers, or resellers, and will maximise your ability to increase the value of the connection.

Where does the CRM collect its data from?

You have a centralised database of information that is always correct and up-to-date since all the client data from all activities and sources is preserved in a CRM.

Data is gathered by contemporary CRM systems from many different sources. For updating and enhancing customer data in the past, you could have relied on mail and phone calls, but modern CRMs are built to gather information straight from your website, phone, email, live chat, eForms, SMS, marketing materials, social media, and more.

What are the advantages of cloud-based CRM solutions?

Cloud CRM offers a variety of corporate advantages, from operational to financial.

It is less expensive. There is no need for pricey IT infrastructure while using cloud CRM. An internet connection is all that is required. Your operational costs decrease, and your monthly expenses are stable.

It is more efficient and economical. By automating procedures and considerably improving information accessibility, cloud CRM helps you use fewer resources and less time to maintain a healthy sales funnel. The simple tools created to track customer conversations and comprehend their specific needs let your workers work more effectively and efficiently.

It doesn’t require upkeep or supervision. 24/7 system monitoring is the responsibility of your cloud CRM supplier. To ensure that you always have the most recent, potent, and feature-rich version of the application, they also automatically make any updates, upgrades, or patches as necessary.

It is safe. Additionally, your cloud CRM provider is responsible for maintaining the system up to date with the strictest security measures practicable, including using redundant data policies, regularly backing up your data, encrypting it, and establishing user security roles.

It is constantly available and on. Cloud CRM allows flexible working hours and different customer time zones because it is accessible to your team around-the-clock. You are no longer required to keep your doors shut to consumers after ‘regular’ business hours.

Your mobility plan is supported by it. Authorized employees can use any device, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, to access the cloud CRM programme.

Collaboration! Your team members can share information and updates that are beneficial to the entire team by cooperating through the shared interface of cloud CRM. Your cloud-based CRM grows together with you! An rise in traffic on your cloud CRM doesn’t require more hardware, in contrast to a CRM programme hosted on a physical server. All you have to do is buy more licences when you require them.

What are the benefits of combining ERP & CRM software?

Integrating your CRM and ERP systems makes sense. Why? Well, databases are involved. Your employees are more productive and the issue of duplicated and error-prone human data entry is significantly reduced when the two systems share or have access to the same real-time data. Faster billing for your clients and automated goods returns are possible between the two systems. You’ll receive full visibility into every step of the sales process for your company and a better comprehension of the purchasing habits of your clients.