Dynamics 365 – On-the-job guidance 

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Today’s Business

Elevate your customers’ experiences and equip your organization for growth with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that maximizes the value of customer data and adapts to change.

Learn how to evaluate software based on your business requirements and translate your current processes into a system designed to match your future goals.

In addition, discover how the right CRM can help you:

  • Unify data for insight across channels and your business.
  • Sharpen your market analyses.
  • Foster collaboration between teams and partners.
  • Adapt to changing customer expectations.
  • Boost profitability by streamlining processes.
CRM buyers guide

Adapt at the speed of change.

Enhance learning and standardise processes with step-by-step instructions that show employees how to use tools and parts in real work situations.

Reduce errors and help increase safety.

Guide employees through procedures, whether it’s their first time or a recurring task, by using holographic step-by-step instructions on where the work is done.

Accelerate time to value
Create step-by-step directions for training or day-to-day processes easily, with no programming or 3D skills necessary.

Transform existing processes.

Improve productivity with Guides and Power Apps.
Maximise operational effectiveness.

Use Guides to get process insights over time.

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